Their Love Story: Amy & Rick

How they met.

Our beautiful bride Amy and her fiancé Rick first started talking on back on January 3rd 2016. They were both ready to settle down but neither had found the right person. Due to their immediate connection,  Amy & Rick decided to meet in person the very next day. Immediately, Amy knew he was the one that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

Amy & Rick

Why Amy fell in love with Rick.

In December of 2005 Rick was deployed to Baghdad, Iraq as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. During a routine military mission on September 1st 2006, the Bradley was hit with an IED and was engulfed in flames. Rick was burned over 60% of his body with 2nd and 3rd degree burns. Consequently, suffering many more injuries from the incident. Now retired from the Army, Rick gives inspirational speeches all over the country with a group of motivational speakers called Sweethearts and Heroes.

His story, although tragic in parts, is not a story of tragedy. It is one of being able to get through anything with a positive attitude. Due to his circumstances, Rick says “I am no hero, but with my experience I can only hope to share what I’ve been through and make people understand that happiness is not far off”. His positive attitude and love for life are a few of the things that made Amy fall in love with Rick.

The Proposal.

In September, Amy and Rick spent a week with her family in Ocean City for vacation. During that week Rick and Amy’s father spent a lot of time together and really got to know each other. Her dad knew that Rick was the one for her and loved him dearly. Sadly a week after vacation, Amy’s father had passed. She was so thankful for the time that him and rick were able to spend together. On that following Thanksgiving, both Amy and Rick’s families came to their house for dinner. Right before dinner, Rick got down on one knee and told Amy that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. He asked Amy to marry him and she said “YES”!

Amy & Rick 07.15.17

The wonderful couple is tying the knot July 15th 2017. “Rick loves my daughter and I so much. I cant wait to marry him in just a few months” – Amy.

To Amy & Rick.

Every one of our customers holds a special place in our hearts and there are times when you meet someone and hear an extraordinary story. This is one of those stories. Amy, you have a true heart and are a very special person. Rick, we have not personally met you, but we feel like we know you.  The Dress Your Fancy team would like to take a moment to thank you for your service and what you stand for.  You may not think you are a hero, but you are, in fact, a hero to many. If it were not for courageous people like you, we would not have the freedoms we have. Wishing you both a life time of happiness! God Bless You!

To all of our readers/followers.

Please take a moment to watch Rick’s story and like the Sweethearts and Heroes page on Facebook.  Rick we salute you, you are our local Windsor NY hero.