This week on the blog is the LOVE story of Ashley & Steve!


How they met.

Our beautiful bride Ashley and fiance Steve met at Afton Race Track. Ashley was a member of the emergency squad at the track and Steve was racing. While walking around the pits with the emergency squad, Ashley bumped into Steve and the rest was history. That’s where their love story began!

Ashley & Steve

The proposal.

On a random Wednesday evening (February 10th) Ashley got the surprise of her life! Going about her everyday activities, Ashley stopped on her way home from work to grab an iced mocha latte from Dunkin Donuts (yum!). With her drink in hand and all her bags, she tried to open the house door and the latte ended up spilling all over herself and the porch. Needless to say, this put a damper on Ashley’s mood.

Once in the house, Ashley became a little more frustrated since Steve was running late for their dinner plans. When arriving home, Steve asked Ashley for some assistance in the garage.  Stating that his truck was not running correctly and he needed her to hold something while he fixed it. Rolling her eyes because she was already in a bad mood, now she had to stand out in the freezing cold holding stupid tools while he fixed his truck!

Although annoyed, she goes out to help and finds the truck parked in front of the garage with the hood open. Steve directs Ashley to grab a wrench out of the middle drawer of the tool box. Again, rolling her eyes she walks over to the tool box. Upon opening the drawer to grab the wrench, she sees a little red box and instantly started crying. As she turns to Steve, he is looking at her with the ring in hand and asked “so, will you marry me?”.

Ashley said “It was the perfect proposal because I was totally surprised (I tend to ruin surprises) and one I’ll remember forever!”.


Ashley & Steve are tying the knot September 23rd 2017.