Signature Cocktails for your Wedding Day

Wedding planning involves a lot of details and finalization of ideas coming to life. You’ve already put so much into planning including finding your dream wedding gown to your flowers and what flavor cake you want to the music playlist that will be the soundtrack of your special day. A fun and creative detail that will bring together the entire event is the idea of signature cocktails.

It’s a good idea to keep the beer and wine flowing, but with a one-of-a-kind name and seasonal flavors, you and your groom will have so much fun putting it together. Consider a “His and Her’s” or a signature cocktail including both of your names on it, perhaps your date or even hashtag. Work with your caterer to create your wedding beverage, or browse Pinterest for countless recipes you can add your very own spin to!

Brit + Co

Champagne & Fresh Fruit 

Sometimes less is more ~ fresh fruit infused with champagne is a delicious and colorful treat.

Drink Tags 

If you like it then you shoulda put a TAG on it! One way to personalize a favorite drink of you and your hubby’s for your wedding day is by designing individual tags for each one that your guests will love.

Sugar and Charm

Colorful Cocktails

With the spring and summer season full of warmer weather and sunshine (hopefully) right around the corner, a bright and refreshing cocktail with fresh and fruity ingredients is definitely the way to go!


Something Blue

If you STILL need a way to incorporate your “something blue” but aren’t too keen on wearing blue shoes and jewelry, accessorize yourself with a luscious blue cocktail. Perhaps a blueberry mojito.

Borrowed and Blue Weddings

His & Her’s 

Not everyone has the same taste, or FAVORITE drink. A popular idea is to create a “his & her’s” option for your guests. Offer two signature cocktails, this way your guests have an option to choose.

Glitter Guide

Floral Ice Cubes

An artsy way to dress up your cocktail, PERFECT for a summer bohemian wedding, is by adding floral ice cubes. Freezing colorful wildflowers or fruit into cubes is a way to add vibrance, refreshment and flavor to any drink.

Additional Ideas~ 

Sheer Luxe



tell me tuesday

Half Baked Harvest

Sheer Luxe

Half Baked Harvest

Heather Christo

100 Layer Cake

Domesticate Me!

Eat, DRINK & be Married!